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OHA utilizes whole plant extracts and oils in all product formulations. It reflects an understanding that nature knows balance. OHA’s goal is to deliver optimal skin health and radiant skin by bringing your skin into balance. 

Whole plant extracts and oils provide many of the same nutrients, antioxidants and natural sun protective benefits to your skin that it did to the original plant it came from. 

Did you know...

OHA translates from Hawaiian to mean “Joyous Life Energy”

The Beauty of Technology



Take home a high-quality, easy-to-use, device that combines therapeutic light energy with patented technology to address your skin from within. LightStim users have visibly improved, radiant, healthy-looking skin. Discover your how your beauty can come from the inside out. 



Imagine a clearer complexion with a brighter and more even skin tone to uncover a more youthful appearance. This is possible with MySkinBuddy, a revolutionary facial device that utilizes four proven technologies to help you achieveyou

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